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Ericsson SmartEdge 100

The SmartEdge MSER unifies routing, Ethernet aggregation, and subscriber management in a compact form that is suitable for deployment in network environments with fewer subscribers or ports.

The SmartEdge 100 MSER is optimized for multi-play services, enabling a smaller network environment, such as those with distributed points-of-presence (PoP), remote central offices (CO) and multi-tenant units (MTU). It extends the reach of the SmartEdge router family technology, which was previously focused on a higher-density, more costly chassis-based solution.

It offers the consistent operating environment of the SmartEdge 400 and 800 MSER, while delivering operating and financial efficiencies to the entire network.
It simplifies multi-play networks by combining edge routing, Ethernet aggregation, and subscriber management.
It allows continuous operation thanks to its resilient operating system (SEOS), which is capable of restarting tasks independently.
It delivers multicast replication for IPTV and video on-demand.
It provides IPV4 (IPv6-ready) routing with up to 1.5 million route entries and 1,000 BGP peers.

Granular service control with up to eight queues per subscriber.

Up to 12 Gbps throughput, 7 Mpps wire speed performance in a compact 2-RU form factor.
Support for up to 8,000 simultaneous users with up to 16,000 VLANs, 10,000 IGMP groups and multicast routes; 160,000 MAC addresses.
Advanced H-QoS and traffic management to control bandwidth for each service per subscriber: four hierarchical levels, 64,000 queues, eight queues per subscriber (16,340 leaf nodes, 8,000 aggregate nodes, 26 port nodes).
Flexible configuration for up to 2,000 virtual routers or VPN with 2,000 L2TP tunnels, 2,000 MPLS labels, 1,000 H-VPLS instances with 802.1Q access and EoMPLS access.

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