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Ericsson SmartEdge 600

The SmartEdge 600 MSER consolidates and simplifies the network edge, allowing operators to accommodate more bandwidth, traffic and subscribers.

Key Benefits

Despite a compact form factor, the SmartEdge 600 Multi-Service Edge Router (MSER) delivers high throughput and scales surprisingly well to growing subscriber numbers. It supports 20G card slots for maximum throughput with a maximum capacity of 240G. For additional traffic processing, it can also support 40G card slots (2:1 oversubscribed). In addition, it can support up to 256,000 PPP or DHCP subscribers in one chassis in 1/6 of a 7 ft. rack. Like the SE 1200, the SE 600 does not support low-speed interfaces, such as E1/E3, or DS3. These are supported in the SE 400 and SE 800.
The SE 600 is ideal for deployment in large access networks for residential, business and wholesale services. It converges Ethernet aggregation, advanced subscriber management, IP/MPLS PE functionalities, and other advanced services and onto a single compact platform.

It integrates up to six network applications onto a single router.
It is highly scalable yet uses only 1/6 of a 7 ft. rack.
It can double carrier capacity for new video upgrades, extend multi-play services to broadband mobile networks.
It supports over 1.2 million subscribers in one rack to facilitate the delivery of IPTV, HDTV, broadband and megabit mobility.
Its advanced services include the integration of features for multiple applications such as SBG/VoIP, P2P management and security.
It consumes only 10.7 milliwatts per subscriber.

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